Who can help me if I am being evicted?

Sources for tenant eviction assistance

An eviction is when a landlord forces a tenant to move out of their rental home. The most common grounds for eviction include not paying rent on time, staying after the lease ends, violating lease terms, or illegal activity. Renters should do all they can to avoid eviction, since a past eviction can make it hard to find housing again in the future. However, in Indiana, it is unlawful for a landlord to evict a tenant without going to court.

It is illegal for a landlord to:

  • Change the locks to the rental home in order to force the renter out.
  • Shut off the home’s utilities to force the tenant out.
  • Take or dispose of the renter’s property (unless there is a court order authorizing removal)

Resources to support for tenants who are at risk of being evicted or have had an eviction filed against them are listed below.

in-person assistance

in-person assistance

Direct support from legal and other professionals

resource document

resource document

Document with valuable information to understand the eviction procedure


Indiana Renting in Indiana: A Handbook for Tenants and Landlords visit website Resource Document A guidebook for understanding rights and responsibilities related to renting a home, including a section on evictions. Available as a free download on the Housing4Hoosiers website.
Monroe County Tenant Assistance Project, Indiana University Maurer School of Law – Bloomington, Indiana visit website In-Person Assistance The Tenant Assistance Project (TAP) provides legal help to tenants who face an immediate threat of eviction. Staffed by law students under the supervision of an attorney, TAP offers Bloomington residents quality legal information, advice, and representation.
Monroe County Monroe County Summons Packet for Evictions visit website Resource Document Detailed guidance for tenants who have had an eviction case filed against them to help them understand the Court's process regarding evictions and allow them to be in the best position to present their case.
Monroe County Bloomington Eviction Prevention Project (EPP) (812) 340-8189
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Eviction EPP provides free legal advice, mediation services, and social service referrals to pro se landlords and tenants facing eviction in Monroe County. Services provided during initial hearings at the hours: Wednesdays: 9am - 11am; Thursdays: 1pm - 3pm
Indiana Landlord and Tenant Settlement Conference Program visit website In-Person Assistance A free, statewide program available from the Indiana Supreme Court to help tenants and landlords locate a neutral party to meet with both sides, discuss the situation, and find a solution.